Comparing Two Cultures As An Insider

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This portion will compare two cultures from an emic perspective. I will examine similarities and differences within the two cultures as an insider, solely based on my personal experiences and scholarly research. I will express cultural relativism throughout this portion of the paper and will refrain from using opinionated or judgmental language. Prior to learning about these cultures I had preconceived thoughts about these cultures with little to no knowledge, not only from an etic perspective, but also from not being an insider. It took first hand experience for me to understand practices and rituals of their culture and reasoning’s behind them. Having an open mind and not passing judgment on another social group are two things that enabled me to have a sense of understanding when learning about different societies and cultures. The people of the Middle East region live a simple life much like the majority of Americans, except for the lack of electricity, running water and technology, depending on the locality of the social group. Families farm their land growing sources of food and poppy to trade and barter with others within the community. The households that live in the more rural regions rely on their land and harvest for survival. Living with the local populace of the Helmand Province of Afghanistan from October 2009 to May 2010, I learned a lot about the Afghani culture and the challenges the members of the Helmand Province community face daily with the strong
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