Comparing Two Kinds And The Namesake

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United States is a country with a big cultural diversity. Persons from all the countries, especially from the least developed ones, start a new life in this country with the only purpose of reach the American Dream. A better economic position, life style and educational opportunities for their family, are some of the facts that immigrates are looking for in America. All these privileges are not enough for them to forget their background. The reading Two Kinds by Amy Tan, and the movie The Namesake by Dir. Mira Nair, show two different stories about how the new family in America struggle with the parent’s culture and what American culture is. Immigrants, such as me, have to face many life changes when arriving for first time to America, such as different beliefs and ideologies, different language and new economic opportunities Every culture has…show more content…
Shahid Khan comments his own experience in an interview with Serena Solomon: “I can't conduct a conversation in three minutes. Maybe I take ten minutes. I don't think in English. This is how an immigrant brain works. I talk in my head in Urdu, but then I have to speak in English.”(Serena Solomon). Do not speak the same language is one of the worst situations that an immigrant has to face with. This is exactly what happened to me when I came to United States. I was looking for a job and I needed to speak with the manager of a store. In Spain people learn English, however, most of them don’t use it and when the time runs they forget important concepts. I couldn’t have a normal conversation with the manager, because all what I wanted to said my brain processed it in Spanish. I didn’t get the job because I did not know how to speak in English. Unfortunately, this is something that every immigrant with a different language have to face
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