Comparing Two Leaders By Charles Schneider

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This paper explores two leaders, one with strong success, and the other with less success, and evaluating the differences and similarities between the two leaders. Charles Schneider was the COO of eCollege, which was purchased by Pearson, from 1999 – 2001. Schneider left eCollege on unfavorable terms due to his competitive and confrontational leadership style, and he has chosen to not list eCollege in his background on either his Builder Sourcing or Mygoflight biography pages (Denver Business Journal, 2001; Builder Sourcing, n.d.; Mygoflight, n.d.). Juxtapose this with Erika Roegies. Roegies became a Vice President at TomTom when she was 35, and is now at Pearson (Linkedin, n,d,). Roegies manages a team of eight five people, across three countries. When she joined Pearson, her directive was to create a combined Program Management Organization that had been three separate groups up until that point. Roegies accomplished this, and has driven a culture of repeatable, and reliable. This paper compares and contrasts how each leader rose to power in their roles, their leader and follower relationships, each leaders use of referent power with their leaders, colleagues, and subordinates, how each leader motivated and rewards employees, as well as their self-destruct tendencies. Both leaders rose to power early in their careers. Prior to becoming the President and COO at eCollege, Schneider was a Senior Vice President at Oracle, and prior to that a Principle at the

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