Comparing Two Models of Calibrators: Fluke 754 and Emerson 475

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Executive Summary The market today offers a variety of calibrators and it is almost impossible to check all the brands. An appropriate starting point would be to investigate the need for the device to justify suitability. Thus, this report relates the need to the type of calibrators that meet the outlined needs. It is clear that the company is in need of a calibrator and it will need one that can measure and calibrate different types of equipment. An appropriate calibrator should meet accuracy specifications. The calibrator is expected to maintain accuracy in measurements and configurations of equipment consistent with industry standards (Madrid, 2012 ). This report makes comparison of two models of calibrators, the Fluke 754 and Emerson 475. The summary of key functions and features reveal that the two are almost at per technologically, but the Fluke 754 is more suitable than the Emerson 475. It has several advanced features that make it more efficient compared to Emerson 475. The Fluke 754 incorporates up to date technology and is upgradeable. It is flexible allowing inter-connectivity and synchronization with other similar devices as well as the computer. It appears to be a popular tool used by most electronic engineers. The Fluke 754 has easy to follow operational handling and safety process. It is a device that is commonly used in hazardous work environment and the manufacturer has detailed an easy to follow operational and safety steps in using it. The user's

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