Comparing Two Prominent Nineteenth Century Architects: John Soane and Gottfried Semper

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John Soane (1753 – 1837), is one of the most original English architects. Soane’s personal style is superficially Neo-Classical, but with his interest in death and ruins Soane was also very much at the forefront of the picturesque design. Whilst Gottfried Semper (1803 -79), a German architect, took up Neo-Renaissance design as well as a belief that in the expression of the function of a building in its exterior, including any decorative. This paper will concentrate upon examine the difference and similarities of those two prominent architects in the 19th century. More specifically arguing that both architects are vastly different in employing revivalism in their work and thus indicates the values and idea is of each nation is also …show more content…
Consequently, Soane directs his design towards both classical and picturesque.

On the contrary, German architect Gottfried Semper studied architecture in Paris. He was heavily influenced by the debate of polychromy in classical antiquity, which was a challenge to the aesthetic tenets of classicism. This had ultimately leaded to the collapse of the view that most classical structures are “white”. Like Soane, Semper also went on the Grand Tour as a mode of architectural education. This trip turns out to be momentous for his artistic development. As he took detail drawings painted structures along the way as seen in figure 2. Later, Semper published his influential “Preliminary Remarks on Polychrome Architecture and Sculpture in Antiquity” in which Semper suggests colour becomes the way in which the meaning of the building was articulated. His findings reinforces the argument that great periods of arts have always exploited color and the insensitivity to polychromy was at heart a prejustice fostered by out model aesthetics of Neo-Classism. Semper’s application of the theory can be seen in the sketch of the Art History Museum facade in Vienna showed in figure 3. It is a prefect case of how Semper tries to apply colours in his design. Therefore it can be see that right from the start, Soane and Semper was destined to be different in architecture style.

Both Soane and