Comparing Two Superheroes Research Paper

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Battle of the Blondes “Which is the best superhero?” That is a question several people ask and they get several different answers. There is not a single superhero that is better than the rest, because they all have diverse abilities and characteristics, which make them unique. Two of my personal favorite superheroes are Aquaman and Thor. Although they both have similar characteristics they are still distinctively different from one another. (Thesis Statement) Both Aquaman and Thor come from divergent households and backgrounds. Aquaman, also known as Arthur Curry, is the son of Atlan and Atlanna whom ruled over Atlantis. After the tragic death of his parents, Aquaman was evicted and forced to move to the surface. Where he thought of himself a regular human being. After seeing how the surface world trashed and polluted the oceans, he returned to Atlantis where he became the rightful king. Then he swore to protect not only the oceans, but also protect the entire world from devastation. On the other hand, Thor Odinson is the son of Odin and Gaea. Odin, who is lord of the Asgardian gods and Gaea is the goddess of the Earth. Thor was born in a magical…show more content…
Since Aquaman is the ruler of Atlantis, it makes sense for him to have the ability to communicate with sea animals. Which helps him with battles and aid him when in need. Not only being able to communicate with sea animals, but he can also control the ocean currents and waves. He is also an exceptionally good swimmer and also is able to breathe underwater. However, Thor has the ability to manipulate lightning with his Mjolnir. Resistance and invulnerability are some other abilities which he has helped him in a near ground zero nuclear blast. Not only is Thor invulnerable and can also resist attacks, but he has the power to fly at high velocity. He can fly due to his Mjolnir, which is the source of all his abilities and his
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