Comparing Universal Healthcare System with the United States’ HMO System

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An American Healthcare Crisis Debate: Comparing Universal Healthcare System (a Canadian System) with the United States’ HMO (with emphasis on cost.)

Every single life on the surface of this earth has an equal right to existence. The life of an affluent American should not be worthier in the right to existence than that of a poor American. Neither should is the life of a bishop be more important than that of a Muslim child. Every life is sacred and equal. Without a healthy citizenry, no nation of people could fight enough to either demand for their freedom nor maintain the freedom that has been already gained. It is within that context that I declare that the right to an affordable healthcare is as sacrosanct as the right to be
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Long before the 1990s when Ms. Clinton fought for a Universal Healthcare system in America, the issue of America’s healthcare had been a political quandary. The enactment of the Republican administration’s Health Management Organization Act of 1973 was a weapon meant to address that crisis, yet, it did little to fix the problem. While the liberal Democrats are fighting for Universal Healthcare coverage for all Americans, the conservative Republicans are fighting to maintain the current private health insurance, however, with some revamping of the system, which preserves the capitalistic element of the status quo. The reason for the two opposing views stems from their differences in political ideologies, which theoretically is like pitting socialism against capitalism. While the liberal Democrats’ endorsement of Universal Healthcare system is socialistic in practice, the conservative Republicans’ fight to retain the private or market based plan is unarguably in support of their pro-capitalism stance. The truth, however, is that, though almost every American believes in capitalism, yet, almost none would vote to disband the Medicare and the Medicaid programs, both of which are socialistic. In that light, the argument of a pro-capitalist nation is negated, as we do already have a socialized healthcare program for the seniors and the poor. Extending that concept to include

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