Comparing Urban And Suburban Lives

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Urban and suburban lives, both are two sides of the coins. They represent different angles of human life. Each of them has its beauty and peculiarity, which distinguishes it from the other. It is observed that both living styles have their strengths and weakness at the same time. The things which we cannot find in rural life found in urban life. These are two different angles of life and represent certain traits of life in different colors. There are many aspects of these two colors of life which have distinguishing influenced in the life. The pattern of life of human being can totally alter his personal, social and economic life. It is important to choose between two paths of life, keeping their pros and cons in mind. The emerging trend is that people tend to shift from urban to suburban areas (Gallagher). Primary objective of this paper is to evaluate that what are the factors, which play its core role in differentiating the life of people living in urban areas from the life of people, who live in suburban regions of country (Gallagher). Riyadh 's development in last few decades is proved to be fruitful for the country of Saudi Arabia. The quick development of the capital city has made issues of reasonable and equivalent development. In the most recent fifteen years specifically, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has much to encourage the oil based development of its city (Gallagher). Administrative announcements by the Saudi sovereignty have assisted in more than restricted
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