Comparing Urban And Suburban Lives

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Urban and suburban lives, both are two sides of the coins. They represent different angles of human life. Each of them has its beauty and peculiarity, which distinguishes it from the other. It is observed that both living styles have their strengths and weakness at the same time. The things which we cannot find in rural life found in urban life. These are two different angles of life and represent certain traits of life in different colors. There are many aspects of these two colors of life which have distinguishing influenced in the life. The pattern of life of human being can totally alter his personal, social and economic life. It is important to choose between two paths of life, keeping their pros and cons in mind. The emerging…show more content…
While the issues confronting Riyadh are as yet being overseen and handled by the city 's regions, numerous adjustments in the foundation and utilization of area can change and mitigate the issues connected with the city 's sprawl. On the other hand, the issues of zoning and isolation may make a few more eras before strides can be made to level and the country and make better situations for the greater part of its occupants to appreciate (Gallagher). The observable phenomenon is that people tend to move to urban life from rural settings. There are many background variables which are responsible for this shift. These background variables vary from person to person. The noticeable fact is that economic factor is a chief element in this respect and is common for all. Another emerging point is this respect is that people move from urban to suburban areas (Gallagher). This phenomenon is denoting as urban sprawl. This shift of people is from urban to suburban regions. It is the third dimension of life which has its own specialty. The matter of attention in this essay is to describe the shift of people from urban to suburban areas. The phenomenon of urban sprawl describes the expansion of people from the center of a city to the outside of a city. These zones are characterized by low destiny, nonfunctional and car-dependent
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