Comparing Valentine's Day And The Lottery

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Valentine's Day Although about 50% of Americans decide not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t stop those who do from spending a total of $19 billion annually (Valentine’s Day Statistics and Trends)! This statistic is from 2016 and the amount spent was an all-time high. Known to almost everyone, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th and is considered the day dedicated to love. So why do so many people still celebrate this day and how has it evolved into the day of love from previously honoring the death of a couple of men? It has become a tradition, much like the lottery has become a tradition in the story, “The Lottery.” Valentine’s Day is a tradition, much like that of the “lottery” except it will never fade away,…show more content…
A majority of people like to show their appreciation or love for loved ones through romantic dinners or more friendly excursions such as a hangout session. Arnie Seipel explained that this tradition, “has grown sweeter.” Seipel also explained that many authors, such as Shakespeare, help to construct the modern day feeling on Valentine’s Day (Seipel). In “The Lottery” it is referenced that an overwhelming amount of the population in this small town has no intention on changing its tradition of the lottery anytime soon. It never blatantly claims that these individuals enjoy the day, but it never says they all dislike it either. A man by the name of Mr. Adams is talking to Old Man Warner and says, “over in the north village they’re talking of giving up the lottery.” His wife also mentioned other towns have done away with the lottery (Jackson). This was entered in this story to give perspective on the views of the lottery in different areas. Neighboring towns forget why they continue the lottery or disagree with the reasons behind the lottery. When time changes, views change and so do traditions. After Valentine’s Day was transitioned into a holiday of love and appreciation, the main gift was a card, while the main gift for the lottery was death. The original card has changed into the gift of flowers,…show more content…
The events that you take part in with your loved ones are to be cherished forever. Valentine’s Day is supposed to reignite the spark between relationships and remind individuals of their feelings. In “The Lottery” when someone pulls the slip with a black dot on it, each of their family members is required to pull another slip of paper, including children, and whichever family member draws the slip with a black dot is then put in the town square and stoned by the villagers. The whole town is forced to show up unless they physically can’t. A man named Clyde Dunbar broke his leg and wasn’t able to draw for his family and his son wasn’t eighteen yet, so Mrs. Dunbar had to draw for her family. Once roll call is taken, the present leader of the household draws a slip of paper from a black box for their family (Jackson). In this village, the people are given satisfaction once the person is stoned because they are relieved the tradition continued, but in reality the emotion has changed. The explanation of Valentine’s Day history matched with the analysis of “The Lottery” gives a clear idea that tradition either changes or simply ends. The tradition of “The Lottery” has lost its importance. The Valentine’s Day holiday, even though it has changed its purpose, will be relevant for many years to come as it shows the importance of love, appreciation of loved ones, and the giving of
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