Comparing Virtual and Augmented Reality

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1. Definition of the virtual reality and augmented reality
Definition of the augmented reality is a meaning of enhanced reality because augmented reality is a technology that gives a real physical view to the users. Normally the process of the augmented is just adding some extra data to the perception of things around users which are not visible in the memory.
Definition of the virtual reality is a meaning of reality with the imaginary because virtual reality are normally refers to the simulation of the reality in the way that it looks and feels real but it’s actual is not real.
2. Difference between augmented reality and virtual reality
2.1 Immersion
Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that gives real insight to the users. Besides that, augmented reality also can create a physically real view of the world environment whose elements are augmented or supplemented by computer-generated sensory input example like sound, video, graphic or GPS data in the augment reality.
Besides that’s, augmented reality are required users to continue to be in touch with the surrounding world because the users are still aware that they are in the real world as compared to the full immersion in a virtual world. Normally the users are always use a related device such as a smartphone or a wearable device that are completed with a webcam or others software that are suitable to the users to using it. Example the software that can help users to recognises the image when the users are
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