Comparing Voltaire's Essay On Crime And Punishment

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An effective government should give its people rights, and dole out punishments to offenders of the law. Cesare Beccaria believed that a proper government would contain a fair justice system, which he described in his book An Essay on Crimes and Punishments. Voltaire’s beliefs weren’t centered on law, instead he believed that people should be given freedom of speech and opinion, which he talked about in Candide The boys in Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding failed to govern themselves effectively because they never implemented a crime and punishment system, which was deemed mandatory by Cesare Beccaria, and limited the freedom of speech and opinion, suggested by Voltaire, contributing to the boys on the island to go MADD.
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One of Voltaire's many philosophies states that freedom of speech and opinion should be given to everybody. He believed that everybody should have the right to speak their mind and not be punished for doing so. Voltaire once said “ I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” (“Biographical Briefing on Voltaire”), displaying that it is tolerable to disagree with somebody, but the freedom of speech should always be respected and it is okay to speak up about what you believe in. what the boys did wrong was not giving certain people the freedom of speech or the freedom of opinion. This happens when Piggy, is trying to say his real name to the tribe when they are meeting at the first time, but the tribe’s response was “You’re talking too much,” [says] Jack Merridew. “Shut up, Fatty.” Laughter [rises]. “He’s not Fatty,” [cries] Ralph, “his real name’s Piggy!” (Golding 27). Displaying that not everybody gets a say in the tribe, even when they are doing something simple as writing down people’s name. When Jack blurts out “Shut Up, Fatty”, it shows that they have no respect for his opinion and his right of freedom of speech. This event caused Piggy to be timid and scared in group meetings later on in the book, because …show more content…

Because they were absent, they lead to the destruction of Ralph’s ineffective government and the rein of Jack’s anarchy. Since ideas were not spread because the freedom of speech and opinion were blocked for certain people, the progress with Ralph’s ineffective government halted, leading to the fall of his government, and since crimes that are committed without punishment, Jack continues to keep on abusing the loophole, which lead to the new formation of his new tribe. Overall, William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, has exposed what could happen in an ineffective government if the freedom of speech was not given to some people and the crime are not punished, pure MADD-ness. This is why it is necessary to include Voltaire's right of freedom of speech, and have fair punishments exactly what Cesare Beccaria would imply in an effective government. Without these components in the government, the government will not function properly without punishments and the freedom of speech, leading to anarchy across the

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