Comparing Westover High School And Darton State College

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When comparing Westover High School and Darton State College, the differences should be very stark. Westover is obviously just a public high school, while Darton is for those who seek higher learning. However, these two learning facilities actually have many more similarities than one would think. As someone who is currently dual enrolled at both Westover High School and Darton State College, I am able to offer a look at the type of people that attend these schools from both viewpoints. In my opinion, both schools have basically the same type of people attending them. In actuality, they even have the same exact people because of the amount of students that are dual enrolled at both schools. This, of course, is not a negative thing at all. It’s always the brightest students from Westover that end up dual enrolling at Darton. Also, many scholars that graduate from Westover end up attending Darton for the first year or so of college in order to wet their feet, so to say. In this way, I sort of consider Darton a transition college. While it has every academic qualification that a college would need, it just doesn’t have the social qualifications to be a college. I believe that makes it easier to compare to Westover. Another reason Westover and Darton are similar is because of the quality of the teachers. I believe that both schools have some of the most amazing teachers a school could have. During my sophomore year of Westover, I had this insanely intelligent chemistry

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