Comparing William Shelley 's Frankenstein Essay

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Haylee Mooneyham
English 1010 099
October 3, 2016
Mrs. Miller
Project 1: Compare/Contrast
Blood Sucking Romeo
With Halloween being right around the corner, children are preparing for ABC’s “Thirteen Nights of Halloween,” parents are picking up pumpkins to celebrate the Celtic holiday, and the urge for a good horror story is emerging. The monster, such as vampires or zombies, is taking the spotlight and it’s hard to ignore. From Dante’s Inferno to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, being frightened has not only been one of people’s favorite pastimes, but a way for us to explain the paranormal and unrevealed. In recent times however, there seems to be a shift from demonic creatures of the night to over sexualized human-like creatures who hide amongst us in the day. In this essay, I will show the gradual humanizing of the vampire and how it has morphed from a demonic creature damned by God into a creature with a big heart that is not much different from us.
From the Book of Revelation in the Bible to the more recent The Conjuring, the horror genre has been around for a long time. Used in antiquity as a way to keep people from straying from their faith, the church embedded the thought of Satan into the minds of believers. In 1307, Dante released The Divine Comedy’s first volume Inferno and the popularity of the genre took off. The demon was illustrated and described in such a way that we still portray them as creatures with horns, ready for us to break from God due to sinful
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