Comparing Willowdean's Connection To Illéa

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Connection As this book has several references, the most important connection I found in the book was, when Willowdean had to deal with her Aunt’s death. Willowdean’s Aunt, Lucy, had passed away by the cause of a heart-attack. She was about 300 pounds at the age of thirty. Willowdean loved her Aunt dearly, and it was difficult for her to push through that phase. This specific part of the book relates to another book I’ve read, called “The One,” by Kiera Cass. This book is about a country name Illéa, with thirty-five different provinces, and eight casts. A Selection between thirty-five different girls, from all the differents states of Illéa was held to determine to new Queen. America Singer, a fortunate girl from the fifth cast, was chosen
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