Comparing Windows 7 And Ubuntu

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The two different operating systems which I am going to compare are: Windows 7 and Ubuntu. I will explain the features and functions that each of these operating systems have. I will also be comparing the features and functions of Windows 7 against the Ubuntu operating system. After comparing the features and functions, I will analyse the similarities and differences (strengths and weaknesses) of the two operating systems and choose which operating system is the best and most efficient to use.
Windows 7 is an improved and updated version of the Windows Vista operating system. Furthermore, Windows 7 was created and produced by the Windows Company. The Windows 7 operating system was released in 2009. The biggest changes between Vista and Windows 7 are faster boot times, new user interfaces and the addition of Internet Explorer 8. Plus, the operating system is widely available in three retail editions: Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate.
The second operating which I have chosen to compare is the Ubuntu operating system. Ubuntu more famously known as Linux is based on free software.
Linus Torvalds, (a student at the University of Helsinki), is said to be the developer of Linux. He wrote Linux to be PC-based so anyone could use it at home. This operating system comes with many built-in features with a full selection of programming languages, compliers, and system administration tools at a very realistic cost. Features Windows 7 Ubuntu
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