Comparing Zefferelli's Production of Romeo and Juliet with Luhrman Production

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Comparing Zefferelli's Production of Romeo and Juliet with Luhrman Production In this essay I am going to write how the production of Romeo In Franco Zeffirelli's production of Romeo and Juliet, the setting and language are of a traditional, realistic nature. This is in complete contrast to Baz Luhrmans production, with the exception of the language used in both productions. Zefferelli's production however is far more effective, as he has tried to keep the film close to the original script and intended exactly how Shakespeare wrote it. This approach clearly portrays the concept Shakespeare is trying to demonstrate and it sincerely aids understanding, as Zefferelli has kept it original.…show more content…
Zefferelli does not vary the camera shots as much as Luhrman does, although he uses different angles to suit the atmosphere he wants to create. He also uses many natural sounds, e.g. crowd noises, horses travelling. I have noticed in the opening, he uses non-diegetic sounds until Romeo's entrance. Luhrman uses a lot more music, which is of great significance as this is what creates the atmospheric moods of the play. The lighting varies greatly in each play. It plays an essential role in displaying the importance of character or in setting an atmosphere. In Zefferelli's production, the lighting in the opening scenes is of a dull, low-key nature (no detail), and then develops as the market stall scene commences; the lighting is now high key, showing more detail. This is in complete opposite to the lighting used in Luhrman's production, as Luhrman applies high key lighting straight from the beginning. Zefferelli in his production shows a distinct contrast in the outfits worn by the two individual, different families. Both Luhrman and Zefferelli use a stereotype view on the clothing. The use of sets in the film makes it far more effective and realistic. Zefferelli uses all the old-fashion original props, such as swords etc. Luhrman replaces these swords applying the modern approach to killing, using guns.
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