Comparing and Contrasting Digging and The Follower Essay

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Comparing and Contrasting Digging and The Follower In this essay I will be giving quotes and explaining about two pieces of poetry, written by Seamus Heaney. The two poems I will be writing on will contrast and his memories on his rural childhood. The poems will be "the follower" which takes us back to Heaney as a child wanting to follow in his father's footsteps. I will also be writing on "digging", which takes us back once again to his farm but instead not wanting to follow in his fathers footsteps So basically I will be writing about how the poems contrast to his rural childhood and I'll explain the quotes and the poems. I will firstly however give you a bit of an insight to Heaney's life…show more content…
Other words, which show the skill involved in country life, include "expert", "without breaking" and "exactly". These all show the reader what an accomplished farmer Heaney's father is, but they also have another use. They show us what country life is like, as mentioned previously, by illustrating how much skill goes into a task such as ploughing a field, but they also produce very effective images. However, despite these nice images, Heaney also uses such words as "sweating" and "stumbled" with them. This means that he wants to show country life from both angles and explain to the reader that while it may look nice and the visual rewards may be great, but that it takes a lot of effort to get to that stage in the first place. The images, which he uses to show this, are effective because "the sweating team" can be pictured by the reader as man and horse working together in harmony and peace to produce the perfect field, but the effort and will-power needed to do it is a great task Heaney expresses another aspect of country life in his words like "grow up and plough" and "follow in his broad shadow". This aspect refers to the bonds between people, and in this case, they are great. Heaney wanted to grow up and plough like his

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