Comparing and Contrasting Jesus and Mohammad

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Comparing and contrasting Jesus and Mohammed

Jesus & Mohammed

Jesus and Muhammad are two very different individuals that have kind of a similar history and at the same time a very different history. They both break off from an established religion and started their own. They had been banished by the other religions and the cities they lived in. Most religions are thought to be separate and different than any other religions. As one reads more into different religions, I saw that many of them are bits and pieces of a prior religion. These two individuals are from different religions and have done some similar things and have more things in common than are known. The earliest available records of the life of Jesus are the
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This method of execution, apparently a Roman invention, entailed nailing or tying the victim's hands and feet to a wooden cross. It produced a slow, painful death by asphyxiation.
The Gospels report that only Jesus' mother and a handful of female disciples were present at the execution. Jesus suffered on the cross for six hours before finally crying out, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" and breathing his last breath. The Gospels of Matthew and Mark report extraordinary events upon Jesus' death - the entire land went dark, there was a great earthquake, the temple curtain was torn in half, and some recent dead came back to life. Jesus' body was taken down from the cross by Joseph of Arimathea, and placed in a tomb carved into rock. Again, Jesus' mother and one or two other women were the only ones present. These same devoted women came to his tomb the following Sunday morning to anoint his body with spices. When they arrived, they were astonished to find the stone covering the entrance to the tomb had been rolled away, and the tomb was empty. The four Gospels vary in some ways of their reports as to what happened next, but all generally agree that the women told the other disciples but their story was not believed. But the risen Jesus later appeared to the disciples, where he passed through a locked door and demonstrated he was not a ghost by eating and

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