Comparing and Contrasting Literary Forms

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Comparing & Contrasting Literary Forms Author's name Author's institutional affiliation Author's note Comparing & Contrasting Literary Forms The paper will consider the similarities and differences among the literary forms of drama, poetry, and the short story. Certainly, an obvious similarity is that they are all forms of literature and as such have the great potential to affect people's hearts, minds, and experiences. Literature, when executive well, has the potential to change a person's perspective, inspire, or otherwise change who that person is and how that person thinks. This is a similarity that each one of these literary forms has in common off the bat. It is the opinion of this author that one of the highest forms of literature is poetry. Poetry is a very old form of literature and it is one of the most challenging forms of literature to write well or successfully. There are far less poets than there are short story writers and dramatists. It is additionally arguable that each form of literature is a type of poetry, or that each form of literature, when at its most beautiful and poignant, is poetic in its successful. There are short stories by Ernest Hemingway that are poetic in how he crafts tropes and other turns of language. There are also poems, in fact, an entire genre of poetry that is arguably a short story or a novel, such as epic poetry. These forms do have distinct characteristics, obviously, or else they would not have separate names for them, but
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