Comparing and Contrasting Poems by Wilfried Owen and Robert Frost

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These two poems are in some way quite similar, as the authors write about two male characters, an injured man and a young boy, one of whom dies later. Wilfried Owen explored the effects of war on those who live through it by comparing the present life of an injured soldier to his past hopes and accomplishments. Robert Frost‘s poem, is seen as a vision of the inhuman evils of technology, and its violence and bleakness appear to justify such a view. The “victims“ are both young men, but the circumstances of their injury/death are very different, one is war, the other domestic. Each writer used a different form, blank verses or stanzas, and different uses language in their poem, which I am going to analyse later on, as well as the different…show more content…
The use of sharp consonants like s and z sounds, here, create a opposing atmosphere. Later on, the writer tells us how and why this all happened, as well as how everything will be ending in the future. “Half in appeal, but half as if to keep/the life from spilling“ through this, Robert Frost, wants to present the boy‘s mind and thoughts. The boy is under shock, in which case doesn‘t let him react to the situation as we would imagine. He shows his arm/hand to the people surround him that it is bleeding heavily but doesn‘t losing his mind. After he recovers form his shock moment, „then the boy saw all-“ „he saw all was spoilt,“ the author describes dis desperateness he expresses towards his sister, to stay whole., “Little-less-nothing“ The phrase of the boy‘s dying and death. This is the description, the place being left empty and without any sign of life, which leaves the reader with a projection of the situation in his head. Both poets create an amazing variety of ideas and emotions, created by the story told in the texts. The second stanza in Wilfred Owen‘s poem is particularly effective, where he talks about the solider‘s remembrances of his life before the war. The girls looked even more attractive and alluring as the evening grew darker. „And girls glanced lovelier as the air grew dim.“ Then the contrast. The girls who do acknowledge his presence find it difficult to touch him without showing some sign of revulsion or disgust, as if he was

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