Comparing and Contrasting Two Governmental Systems: Parliamentary vs Presidential

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Parliamentary System versus Presidential System

The way that a country is controlled by the government depends on the relationship between the legislative and executive authority. Most democratic nations, today, generally use one of two governmental systems, either a parliamentary system or a presidential system. Today most of Europe prefers to use a parliamentary system, whereas the presidential form of government is preferred in places such as South Korea, South America and the United States. The differences between these two governmental systems are not obvious at first, but there are some key differences. However, neither one of them is necessarily superior to the other.
During at elections one can notice a key difference between
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In the parliamentary system the executive and legislative are fused into one union that sets up and controls all of the government. They are the ones that decide on what policies and laws need to be implemented. In a parliamentary government both the legislative body and the executive body must be in accord on all policies. As long as they are not in agreement the policy cannot be accepted.
The relationship between the legislative and executive authority the presidential system has a distinct difference. In the presidential system the President is the one who heads the executive branch of government, which is separate from the legislative branch. These two branches are both independent of each other. The members of the legislative branch, along with the president, are all elected by the people, whereas the members of the head executive departments of government, the Cabinet, are elected by the President as his or her official advisers. More than having been elected by the President, the Cabinet also requires the conformation and consent of the legislative branch. The sole purpose of the legislature is to create and develop the details of plans and corrections and reviewing of laws. The executive council has the ability to show approval of a legislative agenda, and within that agenda they
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