Comparing and contrasting elements of horror in Dracula and Frankenstein

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In “Dracula” and “Frankenstein” evil is the basis of both novels. However in both novels the evil displayed is different and has different intensities. In “Dracula”, there are portrayals of death and world domination because of the Count’s evil aspirations and his supernatural abilities including immortality and his ability to make endless hordes of minions that will serve him in his evil plans. In “Frankenstein” however, there is only a feeling of fright because there is a monster on the loose, but has no real chance at plaguing a nation such as Dracula would have done to England if not for Jonathan Harker and Van Helsing. In “Frankenstein” the evil portrayed throughout the novel is created from dead human body parts made to live …show more content…
Note that most of the murders that took place in the story that the monster committed were incited because the monster was looking for someone who wouldn’t judge him by his cover. For example look at the murder of Victor’s brother William. The monster came to him because he believed that he wouldn’t judge him and William would consider him a friend because he was still at the age that you can be friends with anyone. “Frankenstein is a horrific novel which features a normally kind and gentle monster. In fact the only thing that Mary Shelley does right as far as scary stories goes is making the monster defiant. One of these acts of defiance was in chapter twenty when the monster says, “You are my creator, but I am your master—obey!”(The monster, Ch. 20) This to me is the only contributor to the element of horror in this novel. To me the otherwise gentle monster really takes away any elements of horror initially inspired before I read the book. In “Dracula” however, evil is portrayed in the novel at the beginning when you meet Jonathan Harker and he is on his quest through Eastern Europe. The first foreshadowing of horror is when Harker meets the old couple who give him the crucifix to protect him from the evil spirits and then utters to him strange words which he translates later to mean vampire. Also one of the best quotes that foreshadows a later encounter
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