Comparing the Advertising of Different Companies of a Non-Gender Specific Product

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Comparing the Advertising of Different Companies of a Non-Gender Specific Product

For my essay I am going to compare and contrast the advertising of different companies of a non-gender specific product, namely music systems. I am going to look at examples of print adverts and language specifically from TEAC Systems and compare them to rivals in the market place. In this essay I am going to look specifically at the interesting campaign running for TEAC stereo systems. The campaign is highly gendered and revolves around sexually attractive women wearing very little, and suggestive copy. The adverts are definitely relying on the 'sex sells' line of promotion. Looking at the image with the three women and the man , The
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Sony are trying to tell you that you are existing in the real world. However, it implies that unless you have Sony products you are not getting the best out of life, and that applies wherever you are, working, driving, et cetera. TEAC's statement that 'Listening to TEAC can seriously damage your single status.' Is a wholly unbelievable statement. Therein lies the difference between the two statements. Music to some people, myself included, does add something to your life. However, Sony have twisted the idea slightly. Owning the Sony stereo does not add life to you world, it is the music that is played on them. The Sony quote is more subtle and realistically believable, all the things the TEAC quote is not.

All the TEAC stereos 'look gorgeous in a champagne metal finish.' This use of association between champagne/success/TEAC offers another piece of gendered marketing. Almost every stereo on sale today is finished in metal, plastic that looks like metal, or jet black. There is no alternative that might be more appealing to the female market. I am not however, suggesting that women would not like the male associated finishes, but while talking about this essay to female colleagues, I was informed that at least two girls would like to have a pink stereo. While this is a stereotypical colour association, it still highlights that there must be a market for stereos that are aimed specifically at the female
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