Comparing the American and French Revolutions

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Abstract In this paper, we look into the history of both United States and French right before times of revolution. It therefore, compares and contrasts the French and America revolution and looked into the similarities of some f the events just right before the revolution took place. In conclusion, we look at the perception of the people on the methods used by both countries to push for revolution. Introduction Similarities Both French and America had various similarities and differences in histories of events which resulted to their revolution. The America revolution of 1775-1783 and French revolution of 1789-1799 were driven with a desire to draft a new constitution that restore the respect of human rights and abolish unfair taxation (Tatsiana Amosava, 2011). However, it resulted to the demonstration in Boston in 1760, led by Rev. Jonathan Mayhew shouting "No taxation without representation and taxation without representation is tyranny." The British parliament used to control everything, trade and tax both imports and exports. Americans felt that they were being denied their historic rights, which was the Bill of Rights of 1760, and therefore started to forbid tax without consent of parliament (Nicole Smith, 2009). This, however led to the rejection of the "Stamp Act of 1765" which was brought in by British Prime Minister George Grenville and violently rejected the remaining tax on tea imports under "Tea Act" which was passed in May 1773, at Boston Tea
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