Comparing the Aura Café and the Lunch Box Essay

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Comparing the Aura Café and the Lunch Box

The Aura Café

Situated on the High Street of Whitechapel, opposite the tube station, the Aura café was opened in December 2004. It is a small café owned and control by a sole owner Mr. Muhammad Ali but well furnished with around 30 covers, with air conditioning system, a nice interior decoration and also a non smoking area.

SWOT Analysis of the Aura Café.


* According to my findings, the Aura café targets mostly the students from colleges and universities of the surrounding area. The target market is young college students and therefore seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to its customers:

* More time
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* The café offers a limited variety of food

* Another weakness of the café is that they don’t have a chef, and they buy all their ready made foods from suppliers and this increases their cost of production and that is why they cant have lower prices than the Lunch Box

* The main weakness is that the smoke extractor in the smoking area doesn’t work, which leaves the lounge full of smokes. I noticed when u leave the Aura Café, your clothes stinks of smoke.

* As it is 4 months old, the Aura café doesn’t have that much goodwill as the Lunch Box


* As its main customers are students, the aura café could offer student discounts, which is another way of attracting more students.

* They could employ a chef and more staff so that they can provide self made food which will be of good quality and also offer better and quick services.

* An opportunity of the Aura Café is that it can operate till late night instead of closing at 17:00 hours. This would be a better way of competing with Lunch Box


* Threat of cut throat competion from fast food giants like Burger King and KFC which are just a few meters away from the Aura Café

* The main customers of the Café are students. So during college holidays, the sales will go down

* Moreover, if college closes down or move to another area,

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