Comparing the Australian Legal System with the Legal System of Your Country of Origin.

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Introduction: The task here is to compare the Australian Legal System with the legal system of the country of origin therefore the comparison is with the Pakistani Legal System. The structure of the Common Wealth Government, Australia briefed in the constitution is divided into three branches, the legislature (Senate “upper house” and House of Representatives “lower house”), executive (the administrative arm of Government) and judiciary (the legal arm of the Government). While in Pakistan the Parliament and Federal Government also consists of Senate the upper house and National assembly the lower house. ‘The ability of the common law to adapt itself to the differing circumstances of the countries in which it has taken root is not a…show more content…
The permanent legislative body with balanced standing from four provinces is Senate and is elected by the provincial members committee. With the only exceptions to finance bills the Senate and National Assembly can bring forward and pass legislations. Australia with a Parliamentary form of Government has representation of the head of state who is Queen Elizabeth 2 by The Governor General and the two houses, the house of Representatives and Senate. This head of state The Queen appoints the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister leads the government and he/she appointed as a party leader and in case of a coalition government the majority party rules. According to the Sharia Law a female cannot be the head of a Muslim State and only muslim female leader in Pakistani history was Benazir Bhutto who was also not the president but Prime Minister. In Pakistan President has the majority powers as compared to Australia where the Prime Minister plays similar roles. Courts in comparison - The constitution of Pakistan deals with the superior judiciary in a profound state of jurisdiction and functional powers of these courts. It provides the independence and separation of executive from judiciary. Supreme Court is the highest appealing court in Pakistan chaired by a chief justice followed by the second highest authority as Provincial High courts which represent the provinces and capital. The Federal Shariat
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