Essay Comparing the Book and Movie Version of The Grapes of Wrath

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The Grapes of Wrath: Comparing Book and Movie Ford attempted to establish a sense of historical context by inserting two paragraphs of prose on the screen immediately following the opening credits: ' In the central part of the United States of America lies a limited area called 'the Dust Bowl', because of its lack of rains. Here drought and poverty combined to deprive many farmers from their land. This is the story of one farmer's family, driven from their fields by natural disasters and economic changes beyond anyone's control and their great journey in search of peace, security, and another home.' In its description of a '' limited area called 'the Dust Bowl', 'the prose serves to limit the scope of the…show more content…
In these interchapters Steinbeck also criticizes the way tenant farmers are treated and the way powerful, rich people exploit the poor migrants. The novel's interchapters and the different focus of novel and movie The film version excluded many small episodes from the novel, among them episodes showing unfair business practices. The complaint about the unfair practices of used-car salesmen; the argument with the camp owner about overcharging; the depiction of the company-store credit racket, the dishonest scales on the fruit ranch; and even the practice, an the part of an otherwise sympathetic luncheon proprietor, of taking the jackpots from his slot machines - none of these was ever proposed for the shooting script. These episodes appear in the so called interchapters of the novel. Although elements of the interchapters were eventually incorporated into the film, particularly in the few panoramic shots, the ultimate effect of such condensing was to focus exclusively on the Joads rather than Steinbeck's 'Manself.' Some interchapters from the novel are taken into the film version and the characters are

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