Comparing the Inuits and the North-West People Essay

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Comparing the Inuits and the north-west people We have been studying the people of the North West and Inuits. In this essay I will describe their differences and explain why they are different. They have a large variety of differences which had a large effect on lifestyles. Housing The Inuits lives in snow houses known as Igloos. They houses were made out of snow as it was plentiful in the area they lived in. The snow was many metres thick so it was ideal for insulating Igloos; this meant they kept at a comfortable 16°C especially when the females cooked food. The North-West people lived in large wooden houses. Wood was the ideal building resource as it was easily available from the woodland and forests surrounding them. It was also…show more content…
This also meant they didn't have to spend most of their time hunting and gathering food. The difference in climate between the Inuits and the North-West people was due to their position on the Earth. They both lived in totally different environments and this also controlled other factors such as what they had available to eat. Each group adapted to their living environment and habitat so to them their life was normal. It would be difficult for them to survive in each other’s environments as they had grew up and learnt how to survive in the area they lived in. Hunting The Inuit people had to go out and hunt for food; this was the job for the men. In the summer when the ice melted they hunted from boats known as Kayaks. The kayak could move efficiently through the water so the hunter could get close to the prey without being heard. They usually hunted for ringed seals as it was an all -year round mammal so it could be hunted in the winter as well as in the summer. It also provided essential vitamins and minerals which were found in fruits, but as they didn't have fruits in their habitat they had to rely on seals. The Inuit hunter would use a sharp harpoon to stab the seal; he would then drag it up and take it inland. Caribou and whale was also hunted for their skin and certain parts of their bodies which would make good tools for carving in their spare time. For the north-west people, the ocean was the major source of food

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