Comparing the Leadership of Queen Nzinga and Louis XIII Essay

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Naming yourself a great leader isn't the same as establishing the respect of a great leader from the people you rule, for example, Queen Nzinga was able to rule sufficiently and protect her kingdom from, slavery, constant wars, famine, and bankruptcy, whereas Louis XIV, although creating a new society failed at providing such fortifications. In 1663, when Louis XIII had passed away, five year old Louis XIV had to take up the throne, and although he made immature and unreasonable decisions, he later made his mind up to make a more centralized state. For this reason there were constant wars with foreign countries and domestic civil strife. Louis XIV’s most acknowledged decision was the employing of John Baptiste Colbert as Minister of…show more content…
In 1685, Louis XIV signed the “Code Noire” in which it provided the formal guidelines for slavery. In the code noire, slaves are defined as “portable property”, and it gave a rather rigid and harsh structure of discipline and restrictions for the slaves. Not only did Louis XIV contribute to the slave trade and used the slaves in a resentful manner, but he also was involved in countless wars with other empires, putting his own empire and people in danger. Due to Louis XIV’s unbalanced ruling, his own people prearranged a revolution against him known as the French Revolution. This was so because during the regime of Louis XVI, the government was theoretically bankrupt, due to lacking the system of checks and balances (legislative body) and ended up spending excessive amount of money on buildings such as the Versailles, and since France wasn’t much of a big trade center at the time being, Louis XVI, raised the taxes, but did so unfairly and made the lower working classes pay more than what they should. However, that wasn’t just it, after facing a consecutive harsh winter, there was crop deficiency, grain prices went up and so did the price of the breads, they were at such high rates that the peasants couldn’t afford it and began to starve. Therefore, causing the lower class to rebel, and the French Revolution to occur, later creating a rather more modernized society than was before. Unlike Queen
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