Comparing the Philosophy and Presidency of Jackson and Jefferson

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Jackson and Jefferson: Philosophy and Presidency The presidencies of Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson were based on similar political philosophies. Both men believed in the common man having a voice in government, and opposed too much power being given to the federal government. Both were educated men, with an extensive knowledge of the law, who believed that an agricultural based economy was the key to America’s economical growth. However, since they were both planters who owned slaves, and Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act, it was obvious that their philosophy of defending the common man did not pertain to minorities. Jefferson was raised on a wealthy tobacco plantation, and Jackson, although born poor, was raised by a…show more content…
Jefferson conceded that foreign affairs and national defense were best controlled by the power of a large central government, but stood by his convictions that domestic affairs should be handled at a state level, common people should have power over their state governmental policies. (Boyer, et., al., 2008) The controversy of how he can side with the common man’s rights, and yet be a slave-owner is justified by his belief that African people did not know how to survive without the white man, their differences of culture and lack of independence would make living in America’s white society difficult, and because he treated his slaves in a humane manner, he felt he was giving them an acceptable existence in our country. ( Jefferson felt that education was an important factor in attaining freedom. An educated man was less likely to be susceptible to being corrupted due to ignorance of what justice consists of. In his later years, one of his many accomplishments was the founding of the University of Virginia, which compounded his belief that education was a vital path on the road to freedom. ( Jackson also rallied for the common man, but his ambitions stemmed
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