Comparing the United States Constitution with Local State Constitutions

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The United States Constitution begins with the simple phrase “We the People”. Yet, with three simple words, the ideology it stands for has shaped the entire country (O’Connor et al., 2011). The short phrase signifies that the document, and thus, the government, is based upon the people themselves. The Constitution reflects the culture and ideologies of its citizens. Similarly, state constitutions reflect the people, albeit in a more specific locality. The key differences between the United States Constitution and that of local states are due to the distinctions between the scope and characteristics of the people they govern.
There is much debate in political theory about the definition of a constitution. Generally, it is considered as a
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The states have taken an entirely different route. They have opted to create statutory constitutions, rather than follow the liberal one that the federal government follows. This means that these documents limit the powers of government, rather than empower them as the U.S. Constitution does. Hence, their constitutions are far more extensive, detailing each aspect of the local government (O’Connor et al., 2011).
More than simply the longevity and length of the constitutions, much of their content also differs from one another. Both essentially present the people’s basic rights and define the scope and structure of the government. However, direct democracy plays a greater role amongst the states (Morris, Henson, & Fackler, 2011). Thus, as expected, their constitutions and governments are designed to function well in the region. One of perhaps its biggest advantages is its ability to represent the minorities. African Americans, Hispanics, and women all have more powerful voices amongst these local governments than they do on a national level (Blanda, 2010).
Adding to its length, state constitutions have had far more amendments than the U.S. Constitution. Over 222 years, the federal constitution has only had 27 amendments.
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