Comparing the Websites of Frist and the National Gallery of Art

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Art galleries and museums are buildings or spaces used exclusively for the exhibition and education of art, but that’s not all. Galleries and museums are an essential part of our society. Art in itself transcends cultural diversity and differences; the museums and galleries that display art present to us insight into the various cultures, backgrounds, and communities in an unprejudiced environment. They also provide a significant impact on local and state economics. According to the 2007 Americans for the Arts report Arts & Economic Prosperity III, In Nashville alone the art and culture industry provides 5,667 full-time jobs and generates 15.64 million in local and state government revenue. With so much riding on the prosperity of such…show more content…
Both websites are extremely easy to navigate and offer search features for quick access to specific information. Museum logos and branding are visible on every page of both websites ensuring viewers that they are still on the museums website and not lost in cyber space. Overall, both websites are extremely well put together and very appropriate for the type of place they represent, but in my opinion the use of color is what makes The Frist’s design more inviting as opposed to that of the National Gallery of Art.

For museum websites exhibition information is the heart of the website. When navigating these links on the two sites they are notably similar. Both websites categorize their exhibition information in subcategories equally including current, upcoming, past, and traveling as categories. Each one of these categories contains information and dates about what is or was on display. They also include photographic samples of the art on display at the museum. The Frist also includes some corresponding downloadable content for each of its exhibits. This content includes gallery guides, teacher guides, and suggested bibliography materials. Both websites give links to related programs and tours of interest. Unlike The Frist, the National Gallery of Art is considered a collecting museum. This merely indicates that along with traveling exhibits the museum is also the host to its own permanent art

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