Comparision of "The Chrysalids" and "Animal Farm" Essay

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ISU - Compare and Contrast Essay

In our contemporary civilization, literature plays an important and impacting role in our daily lives. Adapting to the different likes and tastes of modern day society, books and novels have different types and genres, all having in common the objective to please the reader and to convey morals and themes to the audience. In the 20th century were written 2 novels, The Chrysalids and Animal Farm, which will be compared and contrasted in the following essay, demonstrating the fact that they both target the general audience and not one particular group of readers. The comparison between both novels will be done via the contrast of specific literary elements such as the plot and the moods of the novels,
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In this science-fiction novel, the mood in the beginning, which is one of discovery as David is discovering society and his surroundings, shifts into one of panic and suspense as David and the group of telepaths evade society, and finally into one of relief and wonder at the end of the novel when the “Sealand” woman rescues David, his sister and his cousin. The moods in this novel add suspense, mystery, intrigue and adventure to the storyline, which is hence likely to please more readers. The novel could be perceived as a satire, satirizing our society because in our history, some groups of human beings have indeed reacted negatively to difference and diversity and persecuted them, resulting often in genocides as in the Holocaust, which killed approximately 6 million Jews. In the fictive, allegoric novel Animal Farm, which was written by George Orwell and published by Penguin Books in 1945, farm animals rebel against their owner, Mr. Jones, and take control over their farm and attempt to survive independently from humankind. The animals of the farm, which is run by the pigs since they are the brightest animals, set and determine particular conditions and the “Animalism” concept, which establishes equality and better life conditions among animals. Throughout the novel, the parity and fairness among the animals of
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