Comparison And Contrast Of Hemingway 's Soldier 's Home

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Luigi Vittatoe Professor Rachel Johnson COM1102 Writing About Literature February 18, 2016 Comparison and Contrast of Hemingway’s Soldier’s Home with The 1977 movie Soldier’s Home Soldier’s Home is a story about the experiences of a soldier returning from war. The narrative starts with a description of an image or photograph of Harold Krebs. Krebs is the main character of this story. He was a young man who was attending the Methodist College in Kansas before he had to enlist in the Marines to find in the war (Hemingway 111-116). The opening picture is an increasingly significant source of contrast between the young man who went to war and the one who comes back who has become silent and alienated after coming home. Krebs comes back in 1919 even though the war ended in 1918. His return is not marked by celebrations and parades that were often given to the young soldiers who had managed to come home early. Rather, Krebs finds out that the people are not overly excited about his news of the war unless he lies and exaggerates about his role during the war (Hemingway 111-116). These exaggerations and lies about how he acted as a hero leave him feeling very uncomfortable and nauseated. As it follows, it becomes impossible for him to talk about his experiences of the war because no one wants to listen to the real events and he cannot lie because he is uncomfortable with it. With time, he becomes notably silent and withdrawn. He often spends his time practicing the clarinet,

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