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The view point of an author can be determined easily by comparing works of the same basic plots and characters. Also by contrasting the same two works is equally as important. “Little Red Riding Hood'; by Charles Perrault and Angela Carter’s “The Company of Wolves'; are perfect examples. The writer’s purpose, characterization, and readability shows one of many ways of pinpointing the author’s bias.
Clearly Carter and Perrault show a bias with the characters in their stories. Carter’s main character being a female whom is clever, strong, and an in-depth thinker who is always thinking ahead. This shows that the author was probably writing during the
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This concept of referring to religion is somewhat ironic because most modern day writings that I have read really do not imply religion events. Granted Christmas is wintertime and the author could be referring to it as a description of the setting. Also I found the Grandmother lives in a village in Perrault’s story. It was of the times to have small villages everywhere rather than today where there are large metropolises and dying country life. While Carter’s rendition has the grandmother living deep in the woods. Probably implying how Carter might fantasize about escaping to country life deep into the deciduous forest. The way a story reads is a big difference in finding out about the writer’s purpose.
The style of their writings included literary elements such as metaphors and similes, as well as descriptive writing. The readability of a story can show the approximate time that the stories were written. During Carter’s time she described a young gentleman carrying a rifle and the gory details, for example, “The hunter jumped down after him, slit his throat, cut off all his paws for a trophy.';(819) Perrault described a happy and bountiful youth skipping through the forest. He also blurted out on of the possible lessons that could be learned with, “The poor child, who did not know that it was dangerous to stop
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