Comparison And Contrast The Four Types Of Empires

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This modules covers four different types of society’s that empires have used throughout history. First is the Plural society used in Constantinople by the Byzantine Empire. Where a common religion such as Islam rules allows other religions to exist but in turn taxes them for not converting. Second is the unitary approach used by the Aztecs in Tenochtitlan and then the Spanish that eventually conquered them. This approach only allows a single religion to exist and does its best to rid the world of competing religions. Third is the capitalist way used by the Dutch in Amsterdam, This approach offers the most freedom since the rulers are focused more on expansion and the people’s well-being than conforming to any religion. Last is the synthetic system used by the Mughal Empire in the city of Delhi. The most idealist way that allows everyone to get along is by taking the best aspect of every religion and combing them all into a single new…show more content…
By allowing remnants of conquered cities to continually existing while still being taxed. They were able to conquer cities at a faster rate and replenish population faster than a unitary society would be capable of doing. A unitary society operates better on a local scale than a worldwide one. In villages and etcetera they would benefit more from having a single religion due to everyone sharing common interests but that is a weakness on a world wide scale as the Aztecs found out the hard way. Third would be the capitalist society where the driving force is money rather than acting on god’s whims. The Dutch expansion of the 1600’s proved that this society of the most advantages for its rulers. Finally is the synthetic society type used by the Mughal’s. Before that empire fell to religious fundamentalists it was one of the strongest empires in the region and could have possible lived on longer if it was able to follow its path for
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