Comparison And Ganelon And Roland's The Song Of Roland

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In The Song of Roland, Roland interacts with different people just like someone would today. Throughout the poem, Roland speaks and interacts with many people, such as his stepfather, king, and comrade. When he speaks to these three main people, the reader can see many differences but similarities too. For example, when talking to his friend, they get into a quarrel, just like someone and their friend would today. In The Song of Roland, Roland interacts with Ganelon, Olivier, and Charles in many ways, both similar and different. One of the first characters Roland interacts with is his stepfather, Ganelon. From the beginning it is obvious there is tension between Roland and Ganelon. Marsilla tells Charles that if he goes to France, he will follow him to Aix and he and his men will become Christians. Charles asks who they will send to Marsilla, and after being rejected, Roland volunteers Ganelon, “. . . Ganelon, my stepsire, is your / man” (276-277). Roland does this out of spite because he knows, from previous messengers, that there is a chance that Marsilla would kill Ganelon. Ganelon leaves and tells Marsilla not to do what Charlemagne has asked of him. Marsilla asks how he can defeat Roland and Ganelon tells him when and where, “His nephew will be there, the rich Count Roland, / and Olivier, whom he relies on so. / They’ll have a force of twenty thousand Franks. / Send out a hundred thousand of your pagans / to make the first assault upon them there. . . . there’ll be no way for Roland to escape” (585-589, 593). When Ganelon returns, he finalizes his plan by telling Charles that if he puts Roland on the rear guard, no one will defeat them. When Roland hears this, he is prepared but ultimately finds a way to make it about Ganelon’s faults. Finally, he tells Charles that unlike Ganelon, who dropped the glove, he will not fail him. The second character Roland interacts with is Olivier. Olivier and Roland have a brotherly like relationship due to them growing up together and training together. When Roland is assembling the twelve men he will take with him to lead the rear guard, Olivier is the first to join him, “Count Roland climbed up on his destrier. AOI / Olivier his comrade, comes to join him”

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