Comparison Between American And Chinese Higher Education

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A Comparison between American and Chinese Higher Education in the 21th Century Abstract: Higher education plays an important role in the development of a country.However,different countries have different system of higher education.We will research the commons and differences of higher education between China and America.It not only puts forward the differences of the higher education system between China and America,but also analyze the social environment,schools and teachers resources and attitude of the country government. Key words: Comparison, Higher education, American, China, Common, Differences A:Introduction of American Higher Education in the 21th Century 1.The system of American higher education in the 21th century There are 4000 public and private colleges and universities in the United States. Roughly divided into four categories: vocational or technical institutions, primary or community college, four - year college and university or Polytechnic Institute. Educational administration and assessment system: The executive power of education administration is not in federal government, but in the state and local governments or private organizations. The federal education department is very limited, whose main responsibility is to distribute the education grant to the states by the intent of Congress, and to provide scholarships to the students in the United States.. States with state superintendent or education director, responsible for formulating the
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