Comparison Between Angular2 And Java Programming Frameworks

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In the current Society and Web Development Industry, Web developers are using well known frameworks such as Angular2 and Java programming when it comes to building Web Applications. Angular2 is a JavaScript framework for building client-side Applications using HTML, CSS and a programming language such as JavaScript. On the other end, Java is a platform as well as a programming language which can be used in back end of Web Applications. Angular2 and java are so very popular in web development and are mostly used for their modern, improved and latest standards features. This essay deals with the differences and similarities presented by both Angular2 and Java programming frameworks, the features they include in terms of handling and reporting error as well as their relevance in current industry projects.
Difference and similarities between Angular2 & Java programming

Angular2 And Java programming are frameworks that present some differences. Angular2 is built for speed, has faster initial loads faster change detection and improved rendering time. it is modern and includes features provided in the latest JavaScript standards and beyond such Classes, modules and decorators. It comprises a super set of JavaScript called Typescript which is compiled to JavaScript to be used by web apps. As opposed to Angular2, Java programming is a language designed for use in the distributed internet environment. It is used for creating applications that can run on a single

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