Comparison Between Beowulf And The 13th Warrior

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Caitlin Williams World Literature April 27, 2015 Christopher Tamigi Comparing different Religions in Beowulf and The 13th Warrior Religions play various different roles throughout literature, the most common one I think of is Christianity. We will discuss what the role of Religion is in Beowulf translated by Seamus Heaney and the role in the movie The 13th Warrior. Christianity, Islam, and Anglo-Saxon Paganism are the various Religions’ that are expressed in both the literature and the movie. Since both works are similar, but written in a different point of view because of different beliefs we will discuss the difference between Beowulf and The 13th warrior throughout the paper. Another thing we will be discussing is how the authors use religion in a unique way in both works to portray their story in their own way. Before we begin our comparison we will begin with some information on Anglo-Saxon Paganism and Islam. Beowulf was written by an Anglo-Saxon poet. Anglo-Saxon was a common religion among the Viking time period. Pagans are polytheistic meaning they believe in multiple gods, this is different from Christianity and Islam. To pagans, nature is one of the most sacred things, so the pagans decided to base their gods off of nature. The BBC website I found that discussed the Pagan religion in deep detail, said that many people see Anglo-Saxon Paganism as an evil religion. “Pagans are not sexual deviants, do not worship the devil, are not evil, do not practice

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