Comparison Between Brazil And Vietnam

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In order to compare and contrast business in Brazil and Vietnam is important to first understand the overviews of each country. The text Managing Cultural Differences begins to layout the historical, political, and economic culture of Brazil in the Latin America section of the book. The first inhabits of Brazil were labeled the Amerindians ( Moran,R.T., Abramson, N.R. Moran, S. V., & Harris, P.R., 2014, Pg. 344). The Amerindians were able to develop empires from their basic civilizations and in doing so much of brazils current culture has those influences along with the influences of Europeans from Spain and Portugal. In contrast, Vietnam’s history of beginning is from a mixture of people from Indonesia and the IndoChina regions (Cima, 1987). Information on beginning is largely difficult to find because of the length of history of the country. However, we can see that both culture have similar cultures involved in the beginnings of the civilization both being of Asian descent. As a result, several of the business practices have many similarities which may be attributed to the common historical background. For Brazilians, relationships are key to conducting and functioning within business and among partnerships. “Brazilians feel that a good relationship must be in place before anything can be accomplished, and it is never a good idea to damage a relationship that is intact, even if it means not completing a task.” (Moran, R.T., Abramson, N.R., Moran, S.V., & Harris,
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