Comparison Between Eugene Delacroix And Pablo Picasso 's Paintings

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Comparison between Eugene Delacroix and Pablo Picasso’s Paintings The painting by Delacroix completed in 1834 titled The Women of Algiers, revealed an enriching revelation of Algerian women who were depicted with their distinctive beauty and fashion sense. Delacroix went on a voyage to North Africa where he managed to observe the lifestyle of the people there which later motivated him to come up with the famous painting. It has been speculated that the final work represented an equilibrium between actual classicism and romanticism upon due analysis. The main thing that can be noted from the painting is the rich color sense and rhythm in terms of form which were inspired by some innate passion to illustrate thoughts and emotions of the painter. Throughout his career, Delacroix was known to be a perfectionist who opted to showcase some sense of connection between what he saw and painted. On the other hand, Picasso did a different painting form but with the same name as that of Delacroix back in 1955 (Polistena, 2000, p.522). Picasso’s painting was oil based and was motivated by the original painting as he aimed to showcase some contortions in relation to the viewer’s perspective. Picasso was famously known throughout the 20th century to be an artist who preferred to employ different emblematic strategies to bring his artistic views and representations to life, and this was apparent in the painting that he conferred. For this specific painting, several themes, features, and

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