Comparison Between Frankenstein And Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein

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The exclamation “that was an amazing book!” is usually never followed by “that was the best movie ever; it followed the storyline perfectly!” For some reason, only the book or movie is actually well put together, and it usually ends up being the book since it is how the author intended the story to be. All the changes that can occur tend to change the meaning of the story a little which is why the original is almost always better. There are many things that can be different between the original books and other representations; for example, a scene can be changed, the setting can be different, or an entire new story could be introduced. However, one major difference that tends to happen a lot is the adjustment of characters and their traits. This difference can be seen when comparing the creature in Mary Shelley’s original novel Frankenstein to multiple newer representations. The creature is portrayed differently in almost all illustrations; unfortunately, all modern representations of the creature tend to be wrong. The creature’s physical characteristics, intellectual abilities, morals, and actions are all drastically different when comparing modern representations to Shelley’s actual portrayal of the being, and these changes can ruin Shelley’s depiction of who the creature is on the inside.
The first difference that is noticed between Shelley’s novel and other representations of the creature is his physical appearance. Most illustrations show the main characteristics of the
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