Comparison Between Friedrich Nietzsche And Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Whether or not you agree with their views, both Friedrich Nietzsche and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were great, highly influential men. Their views, though radically different, impacted the world in the greatest of ways, altering history for many nations. While Nietzsche, a German philosopher from the 1800s, spoke from a materialistic point of view, believing that there is no god and that all that exists is matter, King, a civil rights activist of the 1900s, spoke from the belief in transcendence, that there is indeed a god, and that he exists in a divine realm outside of this universe. But not only do these men differ in their backgrounds and religious beliefs, they differ radically in how they believe society should function. In Nietzsche’s writings, he promoted a system that emphasizes will to power. He believed that an aristocracy was the basis for a great society. King, on the other hand, promoted a system of equality and justice. He thought all men were created equal, and that society should reflect that belief. The writings of these men have come to be studied by people everywhere. They are so influential, in fact, that one of them played an incredible role in getting our society to the point that it is today.

As stated previously, Nietzsche’s work was both great and highly influential. The Nazis even used his writings as a basis for their beliefs. Nietzsche believed that the greatest societies were always built upon the aristocratic system. Since he believed there
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