Comparison Between Gamefly And Gamestop, Which Is Better?

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GameFly vs GameStop, which is better? I have received a lot of questions asking which of these companies is better. Well the answer is really tough. You have to decide which of these is going to actually save you money. I have provided a comparison of each and then you can decide, which will save you the most. Let’s start with GameStop; it is a heavy hitter in the gaming consumer world. With presence online and at retail store you can find one, even in the smallest of cities. It’s main selling point is that it takes trade-in games and sells them a cheaper price then new games. The prices of trade-in values for games, consoles, and even smart phones and tablets are all listed on the website. That way you know exactly what you’ll be getting if you choose to trade with them. You can choose to take cash, which you’ll receive a smaller amount of return or store credit, which is slightly higher. GameStop also offered a return program, where you if you purchase a Pre-Owned game and you do not like it, beat it too quickly whatever the case may be, you can return it within 7 days of purchase date and receive a full refund. Unfortunately, that is not the case for new games, they must be unopened and in the original condition unless there is some kind of defect with the game, however there is a 30-day window in which to return. Currently, GameStop is trying to sell a rewards program, the GameStop PowerUp Rewards. There is a free program offering significantly less

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