Comparison Between ' Ghost World ' By Terry Zwigoff Essay

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Feminist Relationship Issues of Enide, Rebecca, Maggie and Hopey The comparison and contrast between “Ghost World,” the movie, directed by Terry Zwigoff and written by Daniel Clowes brings graphic novel characters to life. Both stories give the readers realistic and very interesting examination of two relationships between a variety of teenage girls. In “Ghost World,” Enid and Rebecca, we catch a glimpse into their view of the world, not entirely invalid, and sometimes certainly childish and superficial. Their activities gave them pleasure, but are not as much fun as they used to be. The world of Enid and Rebecca ultimately changes, despite their personal desires. In contrast to Maggie and Hopey in “Maggie the Mechanic,” most of their stories focus on their antics. This series focuses more on the sexual tension between Hopey and Maggie. Hopey, who is a lesbian, is desperately in love with the primarily heterosexual Maggie, and she makes it clear to Maggie that she’s always there for her. This essay will focus on certain aspects of feminist relationships, such as bonding, communication issues, differences and similarities. In “Ghost World,” The female characters, Enid and Rebecca, are bonded together by their hatred of the world around them; they are ghosts, who live in the shadow between a young adult and mature adult. Enid and Rebecca friendship bond is not an example of a perfect alliance. Their friendship is surrounded by many problems that they won’t address or talk
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