Comparison Between Greece And Greece

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When comparing Rome and Greece side by side, the two could easily be described as two sides of the same coin. Each heavily influenced the other, cultures mingled and ideas were shared. Greece and Rome in a sense were sister, but not twins.
Sitting on the craggy Balkan Peninsula is a collection of powerful city-states known as Greece. Often credited as the birthplace of western culture, Greek culture shaped the western world into what it is today. Western philosophy, literature, mathematics, history, drama, medicine, and democracy all find their roots in the Hellenistic world.
If Greece is the birthplace of European culture, Rome is the cradle of western civilization and society. Modern politics, law, architecture, warfare, republicanism and even Western Christianity have roman foundations, and were spread far and wide as the Empire expanded its reaches to virtually all of the western world. The vast Roman Empire started off as a small town about 40 miles inland on the banks of the Tiber. In the beginning Rome grew almost exclusively through trade. Rome traded heavily with Greek merchants, who brought with them Hellenistic culture. Unlike the rugged terrain of the Balkan Peninsula, which kept the city-states of Greece independent of each other, the Apennine peninsula was easier to traverse and was hospitable to expansion . Greek colonies in the south supplied early Rome with a solid framework to build up their own unique culture. From its inception, Rome was not shy…

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