Comparison Between Greece And Greece

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Persia (550 BCE-330 BCE) and Greece (480 BCE-323 BCE) were two strong and prosperous empires. For over two centuries, persia and Greece have been waging war on one another. Although Persia and Greece gave men more power than women, both empires developed different social structures and unalike religious beliefs.
Persia and Greece both have dissimilar social structures that consist of certain individuals. In early western Iran, the society was categorized into three social classes. The classes consisted of warriors, priests, and peasants. Warriors had the privilege in gardening, hunting, and fighting. The priest was in charge of supervising sacrifices. And the peasants or common people were farmers and shepherds. The Persian King had his groups of people as well. There were the son of Persian aristocrats, noblemen, the central administration, the king’s bodyguard, and many servants/slaves. On the other hand, the Greeks had two societies: Athens and Sparta. Athens was divided into four classes. The top classes were allowed to hold state office while the lower class could not. Sparta was separated into three classes: Spartiate, perioeci, and helots. The Spartiate could participate in politics, serve the military, and run Sparta. The perioeci could own land, serve in the military, and they were in charge of Sparta’s communication and trade. Last but not least, the helots were at the bottom and the most disliked. They were slaves and they were only allowed to serve in the
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