Comparison Between Greek And Greek Civilization

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Greek civilization strongly revolves around several key characters, Socrates, Odysseus and one characters who can be expanded on. Telemachus is the son of Odysseus and Penelope. He is married to the nymph Calypso and he is a man believed to be of great honor and loyalty. As underappreciated as he was, his actions had led him to great accomplishments. Telemachus was born the day his father left to fight the Trojan War. Odysseus claimed insanity to get the opportunity to stay home with his son but when his life was threaten he obliged himself to the war. Odysseus had been gone to war for over two decades and in his absence Telemachus matured and once he was of age his true journey began. Telemachus was visited by Athena who disguised herself as Mentor and advised him to go on a search for his father. He traveled to Pylos and Lacedaemon and along his journey he was joined by the son of the ruler of Pylos. His journey led to find one of his first father trapped by Calypso. Telemachus decided to return home despite his father still being held captive by Calypso. Upon his arrival he visits a swineherd Eumaeus under the prompting of Athena, and discovers that the beggar disguised as the swineherd is his father. Telemachus’ journey leads him to finding his father and helping him reclaim his wife Penelope. Together the two kill all the suitors in the palace and Odysseus is once again reunited with Penelope. Telemachus’ story is mostly separate from the main conflict but also
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