Comparison Between Gucci And Gap

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Modern marketing management works hard to resolve the common problems of consumption of products. The study of consumer behavior is therefore very significant in marketing in ensuring survivability of the firm. There is a lot of rivalry in every industry, and the company needs to be very innovative and recognize the latest tastes and the need for the consumers. The information gained in studying consumer behavior can be extremely crucial in helping to exploit the available market opportunities. This report analyzes the consumer behavior using two fashion apparel brands, Gucci and Gap. Gucci and Gap are international companies with their bases in different countries and continents. They have both been ranked in Forbes Global 2000 list of largest companies worldwide. The market segment of the two companies is different with Gucci targeting the wealthy folks (including children, youth and old people) and Gap targeting twenty-five to thirty-five middle-class consumer. Due to the difference in the nature of the products sold by the two brands, their consumers portray different kind of behavior. These different behaviors provide the fantastic scenario to analyze and understand consumer behavior.
Gucci consumer have been found to have power and affiliation need while Gap consumer are more directed by achievement need. In terms of personality, Gucci consumers have openness trait that make them curious and adventurous. Gap’s consumers will mainly show conscientiousness trait by
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